I must say i like the new absolute types of reefkeeping, and you will good ‘fuge is just one of the <a href="https://datingranking.net/pl/mamba-recenzja/">logowanie mamba</a> best

Live stone vs. hermit crabs >We have two 55 gallon container and you may 45lbs. of Fiji real time rock that’s relieving. In one single container You will find twenty five blue legged hermit crabs and you can on the almost every other I’ve zero hermit crabs. Easily set half the fresh new rock in for each and every container will it be ok with the hermit crabs? >>Really don’t understand why not. >I’m sure that they’re “reef safe” but each time I got 10lbs. out-of alive rock throughout the container with ten blue legged hermits and ate this new stone in order to demise. The fresh new alga and you will increases try gone. >>Is serving them myself, specifically add a little amount from shrimp, Nori, or perhaps the such as (anything that will continue to be whole while they eat in the they). This would bring an adequate amount of a beneficial diversion for them. Do remember to include her or him several even more shells should they get tired of its most recent “flat”. >As well as, what is actually you favorite means to fix build a container? I would be bringing a 100 gallons and you will I’m not sure basically should go with canister filter out, wet/deceased, otherwise a good dimensions sump. Thanks for all of the assist, Andy >>Better, just like the you might be starting from scrape, I would recommend considering making use of an effective refugium. Start all of our homepage, try “marine tank stuff”, then in “set-up”. Only Was moving an adhere at all which is around! 😉 Best of luck! Marina

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Hermit crabs picking at live coral Hi, I really appreciate all the information I get from your site. I was searching on the necessity of hermit crabs and couldn’t find an answer to my question hence this email. I traded in my 40 gallon tank for a 25 gallon high because I move around at least 3 times a year and wanted something easier and cheaper to maintain. I took my 30 blue legged hermit crabs in as well as all my fish except for the two percula clowns and my fire shrimp. I have not had any success in keeping my corals alive until I got rid of the hermit crabs, they kept crawling on and picking at them. I am maintaining a reef tank now and want to add a lot more corals. My question is, am I required to have hermit crabs to control the hair and other algae on the rocks? I don’t think I should get another tang because my tank is too small for one. What would you suggest? Please help!

Privately, I do not including the hermits and you will slim significantly more so you’re able to a varied combination of snails

Little Blue I really enjoy your web site and find it very useful. Can you house blue legged hermit crabs with red scarlet hermits? I have a 55 gallon reef tank with 75lbs of live rock. The store manager at the place I buy my products says one will eat the other. Is this true?

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